Friday, November 21, 2008

LSU Preview

The Rebels take to Red Stick this weekend and its an interesting battle of two pretty even teams statistically. Both teams have numerous play makers on both sides of the ball. The winner finishes second in the SEC west and goes to the better and probably New Years Day bowl. Lot's riding on it.

The Rebels are fourth in total offense in the SEC. The Tigers are third. Ole Miss is 7th in scoring defense and 11th in total defense. LSU is 8th in total defense and 11th in scoring defense. Ole Miss is 3rd in rushing offense to LSU's 4th. LSU is 4th in passing offense with 18 TDS. Ole Miss is 6th with 17 TDs. They are 10th and 12th in Red Zone defense. LSU is 10th in pass defense and Ole Miss is 12th. They are 7th and 8th in turnover margin. LSU has thrown 16 interceptions; Ole Miss has thrown 13.

If you review those statistics it shows what we already know about their respective squads. Both run the ball well and have solid backs. LSU rotates their backs well also with both Charles Scott, Trindon Holliday, and Keiland Williams all getting plenty of carries. Both squads have solid defensive lineman that put up a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Tyson Jackson and Rahem Alem are two of the top for tackles for a loss in the SEC. Both teams have given up a lot of points by their secondary. Both quarterbacks have thrown for touchdowns and yards but more importantly a lot of interceptions. Both have had complete meltdown games where they threw four picks that cost their team the game. (versus Bama for Jarrett Lee; Vandy for Snead.)

To oversimplfy it, which quarterback plays within himself and avoids the multiple turnovers will give his running game and defense a great chance to win. In a game of this type with solid rushing attacks shorting the clock you can't give away short fields. Both defenses will load the line to stop these attacks as well. Whichever quarterback steps up and makes the defense play off will go along way towards limiting those turnovers.

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