Thursday, July 24, 2008

Find Your Dawg Pound Rock

I think I see why my wife hasn't been to a State game in 4 years and my brother hasn't been in 9 years. Despite both being State grads. Embarrassment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekly Theme Music

I'd say this goes out to Colby Arceneaux but that's just mean.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Second Annual End Of The Year Awards

Its summer time which means another Athletic calender year has ended for the Ole Miss Rebels. And while there was little to celebrate nothings more fun than giving out some awards. Except for last years football team. I came up with awards for the team but it was too depressing and contrived due to how terrible they were and the only exciting thing was the end of the gar fisherman's terrible reign on the program. Just like last year all Awards are based on classic 80's era TV shows and I've added a few from last year. Just like last year your team must achieve some modicum of success to be considered. Sorry football team. Additionally your team must play a real sport and not something you do to pass the time at a country club.

The Magnum Award goes to the best Male Athlete.

Dwayne Curtis. Led the Rebels to the Final Four of the NIT on the way to earning All-SEC second team honors. Averaged 14.9 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. He set a school record with 337 rebounds on the season. Led the SEC with 18 double-doubles, the most by a Rebel since 1956-57. Also notched six games with 20+ points and 10+ rebounds. Played his best in conference as he was one of only two players in the SEC to average a double double in league play. (13.8 ppg, 10.1 rpg)

The Dukes of Hazzard Daisy Duke award goes to the Lady Rebel Athlete of the Year.

Apologies to last years winner Amber Tramp who had another fine year but this year the award has to go to fellow softball player Lauren Grill. Lauren batted .325 with 12 homeruns and was named an All American in leading the Lady Rebs to the SEC tourney.

The Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci award to honor his years of faithful guidance goes to the Rebels best coach.

For the second year in a row the award goes to men's basketball coach Andy Kennedy. Kennedy guided the team to national rankings and put them right on the bubble to make the tournament. Unfortunately scourge to the Wookie, Dave Bliss, knocked the Rebs out of the SEC tourney in game one to kill that. But Kennedy didn't let the disappointment effect the team as they beat three solid teams in Ohio State, Nebraska, and Virgina Tech to dance into Madison Square Gardens to put the program on the national stage.

The Luther Van Damne Award goes to the Rebels top assistant coach.

This years award goes to Running Back coach Derrick Nix for landing the top recruit the football team has gotten in years in prep school running back Enrique Davis. I hate giving an award on recruiting but until Reinsteetle teaches the baseball team how to take a pitch or one of Kennedy's guys teaches some defense (or I learn enough about the assistant ladies) its all I've got.

The A-Team award goes to the Best team that achieved the most success.

While the Basketball team seemed to crap the bed after getting ranked and then again upon entering the SEC tournament they redeemed themselves some by making the final four of the NIT. Sadly thats the best any team can say for the dismal 2007-2008 Rebel campaign.

The MacGyver award for getting the most out of the what appeared at first glance to be the least.

While Kennedy's still a year away from really having a highly recruited team they were still expected to be better than last year. Trade a Western Division Title for a NIT Final Four and they're essentially the same.
The Lady Rebels Softball team made the SEC tournament and for a team that has struggled for years its a solid improvement. Especially when one of the girls climbs up and gets All American status that certainly raises the profile.

The Miami Vice Award goes to the top destination the Rebels made it to this year.

The hardest decision of any award. Is it better to make and flame out of the NCAA tournament or do well in the NIT. Honestly I think that depends on your expectations and what you've done the last few years. The baseball team has been in a super regional for three straight years. Not even hosting a regional after being ranked number 2 in the country and falling to the last 3 seed selected is a huge step back. You hoped for the basketball team to make the tournament after getting ranked but they were still picked to finish low in the SEC this year. Getting to New York was the best result the Rebs had all year. Here's hoping to a nice bowl game to vacation to next year.

Brett Favre Is A Jerk

Favre should take some notes from his buddy Micheal Strahan on how to show some class and take your time an come to a decision on whether or not to retire. The Packers would be idiots to trade Favre to a contender or give his release so he go to the rival Vikings. The class thing for Favre to do would be to avoid appearing on Greta Van Susteren(really? I guess John Madden wasn't available.) and just come back to the team quietly and earn the starting position in camp. If he could.

If he really wants to toy with the whole should he or shouldn't he thing I've got an idea for the Packers. Trade him to the Falcons for a third round pick so he can let them develop Matt Ryan. He can finish out his career with the team that drafted him. And work on extending his record for most career interceptions. It would be interesting to see how long he'd flounder and cry over his decision with one of the leagues worst teams holding his rights.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weekly Theme Music

Since apparently I'm referencing TLC programs on the site now.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Seperated At Birth

I'm embarrassed I thought of this. Lets just chalk it up to things you watch when you're married. But that's TLC make up artist Damone Roberts and Ole Miss walk on quarterback Omar Love.

The Sports Wookie Lexicon

I figured as time passed and inside jokes became less relevant a lexicon of terms would be useful to the two readers. (Thank's Lady Wookie and Head)

FGH - Mysteriously sneaky secretive rouge Ole Miss booster responsible for all of the Rebel's great recruiting steals.

The Fox - Current Wookie Nickname for Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt. References the fact that he's a little crazy but hopefully he's just crazy like a fox. Also references my favorite fictional coach. By the way if someone can get me a caricature of Nutt with a fox's body I'll send them a prize.

The Gar Fisherman - Disgraced former Ole Miss Coach Eddie Orgeron whose love for on paper recruiting success over actual on the field success can only be akin to the love a Cajun has for catching a large smelly fish that is inedible to the rest of the world's population.

Hacksaw - Former Ole Miss offensive lineman who's appearance and technique in his final years with the Rebel's was quite similar to Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Insurance - Orgeron's one remaining freshman quarterback signee giving the Rebel's exactly one back up quarterback in Billy Tapp. Just like Auto Insurance you know you have to have it but you hope you never need it.

Ogerzook - Orgeron was formally know as "The Ogerzook" do to his similarity to Ron Zook to only having recruiting ratings to brag about until Zook got Illinois ranked. Ogerzook has been retired.

The Predator - One of the few nicknames that's shorter than an actual name. Given to former tailback, and Orgeron fantasy, BenJarvis Green-Ellis for his similarity to Arnold's tormentor.

White Schaefer - Orgeron's quarterback transfer who left a large BCS powerhouse school after playing as a true freshman. Hyped to be the savior of the program before taking a competitive snap for Ole Miss, instantly named starter, and kept Orgeron from recruiting any other quarterbacks as insurance.

Honky Hands - Goes to stellar possession receiver with great hands Corey Peterson. Bill Flowers inherited the name for a few years.

Fancy Feet - You could not watch a JP game in the 90's without Dave Rowe raving about Terrence Metcalf's footwork.

Nice Work FGH

Ole Miss's got some help from its friends last week as one of the best prep quarterbacks to come out of Mississippi in a long time committed to play for the Rebels.

Clayton Moore lead the Louisville Wildcats to a 3A state title last year. He will have to be the top high school quarterback to sign with the Rebels since Romaro Miller back in 1997. Sorry, Spurlock you were more of an athlete. Of course in large part this is because Mississippi only seems to produce a top flight quarterback prospect once every three or four years. See Blake Barnes and Jason Campbell in the post Romaro years. (Seriously comment below if I'm missing someone. And don't say Kevin Fant or Omar Conner unless you want me to laugh at you.) And unfortunatly as Campbell and Barnes show, these quarterbacks often leave the state. So remarkably this year the State has three legit prospect in Moore, Tupelo's Chris Garrett (LSU commit) and Meridian's Tyler Russell (MSU commit). Thank goodness the Rebels actually got one.

Not All Atheletes Treated The Same

Shocking news. Some super stars get special treatment.

I know I'm as surprised as anyone.

Tell me why is this getting less publicity than this?

ESPN has written eight articles on Chacon's altercation.

But only two for Manny.