Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Sports Wookie Lexicon

I figured as time passed and inside jokes became less relevant a lexicon of terms would be useful to the two readers. (Thank's Lady Wookie and Head)

FGH - Mysteriously sneaky secretive rouge Ole Miss booster responsible for all of the Rebel's great recruiting steals.

The Fox - Current Wookie Nickname for Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt. References the fact that he's a little crazy but hopefully he's just crazy like a fox. Also references my favorite fictional coach. By the way if someone can get me a caricature of Nutt with a fox's body I'll send them a prize.

The Gar Fisherman - Disgraced former Ole Miss Coach Eddie Orgeron whose love for on paper recruiting success over actual on the field success can only be akin to the love a Cajun has for catching a large smelly fish that is inedible to the rest of the world's population.

Hacksaw - Former Ole Miss offensive lineman who's appearance and technique in his final years with the Rebel's was quite similar to Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Insurance - Orgeron's one remaining freshman quarterback signee giving the Rebel's exactly one back up quarterback in Billy Tapp. Just like Auto Insurance you know you have to have it but you hope you never need it.

Ogerzook - Orgeron was formally know as "The Ogerzook" do to his similarity to Ron Zook to only having recruiting ratings to brag about until Zook got Illinois ranked. Ogerzook has been retired.

The Predator - One of the few nicknames that's shorter than an actual name. Given to former tailback, and Orgeron fantasy, BenJarvis Green-Ellis for his similarity to Arnold's tormentor.

White Schaefer - Orgeron's quarterback transfer who left a large BCS powerhouse school after playing as a true freshman. Hyped to be the savior of the program before taking a competitive snap for Ole Miss, instantly named starter, and kept Orgeron from recruiting any other quarterbacks as insurance.

Honky Hands - Goes to stellar possession receiver with great hands Corey Peterson. Bill Flowers inherited the name for a few years.

Fancy Feet - You could not watch a JP game in the 90's without Dave Rowe raving about Terrence Metcalf's footwork.

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