Friday, June 27, 2008

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How great are keyboard guitars?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And I Thought My Photoshop Skills Were Bad

(Photo From Ole Miss Sports.Com)

The University released it's first rendering of what the new jumbotron will look like. I can really get a feel for what the stadium's going to look like now. Sadly, I can also see my season tickets in the picture.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Homer At Bat

One of the greatest Simpson's episodes ever. And since the Braves suck its more fun to talk about.

The cast of major leaguers is truly phenomenal as well. Including what happened in real life.

Looking back you had:

Pitcher: Roger Clemens. Has some of the best stats a pitcher ever accomplished. Winning 354 games and seven Cy Young awards. Sadly steroid accusations coming from the Mitchell Report have tainted many of these numbers that would other wise ensure entrance into the Hall of Fame.

Catcher: Mike Scioscia. Good catcher who had a solid career coming up big in the World Series twice. More famous for managerial career in which he won the Angels first and so far only World Series title.

1st Base: Don Mattingly. Solid hitter who had a great career but is held in higher respects thanks to being a Yankee. Hit over .300 for his career but only 222 home runs. If Fred McGriff and his instructional videos can't make the Hall Mattingly can't either. On the episode he was kicked off Burn's team for refusing to trim his side burns. Life later imitated art and he was held out of the line up after the episode for refusing to get a hair cut. Good shot at the mustache hall of fame.

2nd Base: Steve Sax. Solid for a second baseman. Five time all star but no one would confuse him with Ryne Sandberg or Jeff Kent.

3rd Base: Wade Boggs. One of the greatest third basemen ever. Career .328 hitter with 3,000 hits. In the Hall of Fame.

Short Stop: Ozzie Smith. Considered one of the greatest defensive shortstops of all time. Known more for defense but could get the timely hits. Also in theHall of Fame and still lost in the Springfield Mystery Spot.

Left Field: Darryl Strawberry. Got off to one of the greatest starts of any hitter only to have substance abuse nearly ruin his promising career.

Center Field: Ken Griffey Jr. and his grotesquely swollen jaw. Capping of an incredible career in which he's still playing and hates to be heckled. Nor do Cincinnati fans like it when you heckle him. Has hit 600 home runs on his way to the sure Hall of Fame entrance despite his frequent trips the the trainers office.

Right Field: Jose Canseco. Huge power numbers that were later attributed to steroids. Now a reality TV whore.

They tried to get a lot of the best of the best players and pick what would become a Hall of Fame line up but still in the prime of their career. Where they failed was mostly because of steroids or substance abuse either ruined or tainted the career.

If they had to do it now? Here's my guess.

Pitcher: Johan Santana
Catcher: Ivan Rodriquez
First Base: Albert Pujols
Second Base: Chase Utley
Third Base: Chipper Jones
Short Stop: Derek Jeter
Left Field: Matt Holliday
Center Field: Grady Sizemore
Right Field: Ichiro Suzuki

Manager: Mike Scioscia (For old times sake if they can drag him away from the power plant.)

Weekly Theme Music

Sports are boring right now. The Braves stink other than Chipper Jones's having such a hot season he has to wear a flame retardant suit. Ole Miss did there predictable choke job. Giants are still months away. Looking forward to seeing ZZ tonight.

Why Is The SEC Baseball Tourney in Birmingham

I hope this post doesn't lead to Mike Slive tracking me down or denying Powe's case to spite me. Question I have that's been bothering me since the SEC Baseball Tournament. Why is it at the Hoover Met, err excuse me, Regions Park every year?

The place is a dump by minor league standards. Trust me I've been to a Baron's game. Its horribly out dated. It looks like a large high school stadium. (Oh wait, Hoover high actually plays their football games there.) The number of nicer single A parks is astonishing.

Meanwhile as tons of nice minor league parks have opened around the south. But instead they keep the tournament in one of the worst parks in the South. It makes as much since as Ole Miss and Mississippi State continuing to play the Mayor's trophy game in Smith Wills instead of a governor's cup in Trustmark Park. Oh wait, they switched that one up two years ago. So SEC you're officially less progressive than the state of Mississippi. That's awesome.

Its not like this is some grand tradition. The game moved around like the basketball tournament every year before 1998. Its also not like they don't have other neutral site options. I understand in football the only other domed stadium in the area was the Superdome so it made since to just go ahead and lock one location up. Granted domed stadiums suck and are pointless in the South but that's another rant for the fall.

It's also not like they are that concerned with driving since Atlanta is on one of the far sides of the conference geographically. Birmingham is centralized, but not anymore than other parts of Alabama or even Tennessee and Mississippi. But you have double AA sized stadiums in Huntsville, AL; Jackson, TN; Pearl, MS; Chattanooga, TN; Montgomery, AL. You also have triple AAA stadiums that are nicer and hold as many people in New Orleans, LA; and Nashville, TN; and one that holds three thousand more people in Memphis, TN. Autozone park is actually one of the nicest ball parks in the country that's not a MLB park.

The logical choice is to move the game around to a number of parks or permanently host it at Autozone Park. But then acting logically is asking a lot of the SEC office and their rampant Bama homerism.