Friday, February 1, 2008

The Official Sports Wookie Cause

The Sports Wookie wants to use his page to reach some sort of greater good. While we've had numerous other "unofficial" causes; most notably the removal of a previous football coach. But with all the exposure the site gets between its three viewers it can help spread the word for some noble cause. While there are plenty of great causes from restoring wildlife, protecting the environment, or assisting less fortunate children and youth. But those are causes better suited for promotion by specific groups.

However one thing that has been on the mind of the Sports Wookie for years is the great injustice that the University of Mississippi has done to former Rebel running back Deuce McAllister. The Wookie has had the opportunity to meet Mr. McAllister on a few occasions and has been blown away with how friendly and engaging he is. But its more than that. McAllister is know for his charity work, post-Katrina work and the work of his foundation. He also truly cares for his fan as anyone who read his ad thanking his fans for their support after his season ending knee injury could tell. He is a better ambassador for Ole Miss than the university could ever dream of having.

Which is why it's past time the University named the Football Indoor Practice Facility after Deuce. McAllister personally donated a million dollars toward the construction of the facility to give back to the football program that had given him the boost to the National Football League. However the University at the time refrained naming the building with hopes that naming rights would bait another booster into making a significant donation to pay off the facility. Which never happened. Instead now the building is virtually paid off and still remains nameless.

To this day McAllister has given the largest public donation to the University for the construction of the facility. It is high time the university rights its past wrongs and officially declares the building, "The McAllister Indoor Facility."

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