Thursday, November 6, 2008

Auburn Recap

Great week for the Rebels so there should be little to complain about to the Irish Canadian other than the brevity of this recap. Not a lot to complain about, especially not a lot that's not the same I call out ever week.

Lot of good to go around. Rebels got there first back to back SEC wins since Cut was the coach. First 5 win season since Eli helmed the team. The Rebels actually have a reasonable chance to make it to a B word. Now all discussion of such must be halted.

The Rebels showed a great running attack that keeps the ball in their control and away from the opponents. 233 rushing yards as a team is stellar. Cordera goes for over a hundred for the first time this year to lead the way and show that he's a premier back in this league. Shame he couldn't carry it more last year. Dexter added 88 rushing yards. Most of his came on some huge carries late in the game leading to the Rebels last touchdown drive that put the game out of reach. Bolden chipped in with 34 yards. Derrek Davis even joined in scoring his first career touchdown. Great day by the offensive line as well opening up running lanes all day.

The defense was also stellar playing bend but don't break football. They gave up 394 total yards but only seven points. Great performance. Three interceptions by Kendrick Lewis, Marshay Green, and Cassius Vaughn helped seal the win and keep Auburn from scoring more.

The story is the defensive line though. Great performances by all in holding Auburn's rushing attack to 75 yards. Lawon Scott, Peria Jerry, Marcus Tillman, and Emmanuel Stephens were all credited with tackles. They also got into the backfield and harassed Kodi Burns. The Rebels had nine total tackles for a loss. Just great performances all around.

Kentrell Lockett had his big day. After already getting the block in the Florida game he stepped up even bigger with the same level play over an entire game. He had seven total tackles with 2.5 for a loss and had his way with the Auburn offensive line.

Snead was off again only completing half of his passes for 140 yards. When the Rebels run for over 200 yards the passing should come a lot easier than that. Of course its like Rick Cleveland said. If the receivers were 12 feet tall he would have thrown for 300 yards.

The secondary redeemed themselves with three interceptions and keeping Auburn out of the endzone. However they still gave up 319 yards passing by far Kodi Burn's career high. That doesn't bode well against teams with good passing games. Luckily the Rebels remaining schedule features predominate rushing teams.

The personal fouls were also a problem and killed numerous drives. It cost the Rebels at least three points by driving them out of easy field goal range. Luckily it wasn't a game changer. They just don't need to continue doing it and let teams back in ball games.

I hate to pull a Chuck Rounsaville but after sitting at 5-4 with a win over Auburn there's not a lot of ugly unless you go back and think about the horrible horrible Vanderbilt loss. Its now obvious how terrible they were and that could be the game that keeps the Rebels from bowling at all or from a much better game. Just a great day when Coach Vaught finally got his due with a statute to commemorate everything he did for the university.

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