Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wookie Bowl Predictions

The BCS National Championship Game
New Orleans, LA

LSU vs. Oklahoma

New Orleans, LA
The Sugar Bowl

Georgia vs. Missouri

Orlando, FL
The Citrus Bowl

Tennessee vs. Wisconsin

Dallas, TX
The Cotton Bowl

Alabama vs. Kansas

Atlanta, GA
The Peach Bowl

Auburn vs. Clemson

Tampa, FL
The Outback Bowl

Florida vs. Illinois

Memphis, TN
The Liberty Bowl

Mississippi State vs. Tulsa

Nashville, TN
The Music City Bowl

Kentucky vs. Georgia Tech

Shreveport, LA
The Independence Bowl

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Houston, TX
The Texas Bowl

South Carolina vs. Southern Mississippi

Not Bowling:
Ole Miss and Vanderbilt.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm So Excited

Word coming out of Houston is that Ole Miss has contacted Art Briles.

Briles is considered one of the better offensive men in college football and turned Houston around over the last few years. But its not as exciting to hire Briles as it is to know that Khayat's public endorsement of three more years of the gar fisherman might have been mere posturing. If not Briles than may someone else. Anyone else.

Oh and do we see a little to much of one of the Pointer Sisters at about the 55 second mark in BMG's version of the video?

And since everyone is thinking about the Jesse Spano version here it is.

Number 1 coming to Oxford

So after Ron Zook beat Ohio State this weekend LSU moves up to number one. Its been a while since the Rebels hosted the number one team in the country. Since 1994 against Florida to be exact.

Its also been a while since the Rebels beat a ranked team. The last time that happened was on October 9, 2004. Here's a clip.

Of course that was before the stink of gar fisherman got all over the program. In fact here's a list of things that occurred in that one game that have not occurred in Eddie's three years:

1) Victory over a ranked team
2) Scoring more than 28 points over a Division I A team.
3) Scoring over 24 points against an SEC team.
4) Winning an SEC road game.
5) Beating a team that finished the season with a winning record.
6) Won a road game in a location farther than 20 miles from the state border.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekly Theme Music

Enjoy the weekend off with whoever you want to enjoy it with. We'll come back to Ole Miss Football next week.

State plus Bama's 4.5
Ark plus UT's 1.5
Kentucky by more than 3.5 over Vandy
Auburn over UGA
South Carolina to cover Florida's 6.5
LSU to kill La'Tech by more than 36.

Northwestern State Recap

What's to say after you barely beat a Div. IAA team by a touchdown that had already lost to Nicholls State 58-0? Not much other than only those in Canada are still believers. So send them your complaints. (I think it has something to do with the fact they can't watch the games other than the Florida game and the only media they can get is the Coaches Call in show with Eddie the gar fisherman. You know what would actually make a good show? A Bill Dance style fishing show with Eddie and his family in the brackish waters on a fan boat discussing how to catch gar. But I digress.)

THE GOOD(4:19 in the First Quarter)

Lets see Mike Wallace apparently saved the game by getting a kick off return for a touchdown.

Other than that the only good thing is that I only had to watch about a quarter of this football like substance. (Now with less salt!) This team gave up and quit playing football after the Alabama game. And luckily only 23,000 people had to watch this em brassing display. The "I'm In"ers always freak out about fans doing something to hurt Eddie's recruiting. Well any recruit watching that game would hurt his recruiting more than anything someone writes on a message board.

Beat one of the worst teams in Div IAA football by a touchdown and no one deserves a game ball.

So the Rebel defense gave up 31 points in the second half. Northwestern State had 24 first downs to the Rebels 15. And out gained the Rebels in total yardage 499 to 387. Take out a few questionable turnovers, a reversed punt return touchdown and a kickoff return touchdown and we're looking at an upset.

Its so bad the Rebels have taken Prairie View's spot as the college football punching bag in the national media.

At this point the Rebels are locked out of going to a bowl game. It is impossible. But it's not like anyone outside of Canada thought they were going in the first place. Problem is Eddie's not preparing the team for the future in any way.

Against Northwestern State two quarterbacks saw action because of ineffectiveness and poor play. Adams went 7 of 15 and Schaeffer went 3 of 13 passing. Both are seniors and will not play next year. And its not like the seniors were playing well to begin with. Micheal Herrick a red shirt sophomore has yet to make an appearance yet he will actually have eligibility next year.

I know what you are thinking. We know that Snead is going to be the starting quarterback next year. Well truly we don't know for sure but its highly likely. Especially if Herrick transfers next year as some rumors suggest. But what could it hurt to have him prepared with game action for next year? What if Snead gets hurt? Is it a bad thing for your back up quarterback to have some experience?

And what about a guy who is expected to be the started next year. Cordera Eason rushed one time for three yards. One carry. He has three for the season. This is the experience he is getting to lead the Rebels next year. Instead Eddie continues to feed the carries for two senior backs The Predator and Bruce.

And this is the root of the problem. Eddie is obviously more worried about getting the Predator to 1000 yards rushing again this season than preparing for next year. Sure he'll say that he had to put the Predator back in the game to insure the win. But first how sad is that. He had to insure the win against Northwestern State. And secondly how exactly did he know he had to do that after giving Cordera one carry in the second quarter?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekly Theme Music

The Rebels have the best chance to score 30 in the Eddie era. See the chance and take it. I'd say the administration needs to see their chance and take it on ending the gar fisherman era but they have already committed to give him six years. Awesome. I may turn this into a basket weaving blog next fall.

Bama to cover LSU's 7.5
South Carolina to cover Ark's 4
Vandy to cover Florida's 16
Troy to upset and cover Georgia's 15
La Lafayette to cover UT's 31

Northwestern State Recap

I'm keeping this one brief because Northwestern State is a very bad football team. They lost58-nothing to Nicholls State. They give up an average of 37 points a game. The question will be whether or not the Rebels can score 30 points on them. Eddie hasn't had an offense score 30 points in his three years at Ole Miss. The Demons average more than that. If the Rebels can't beat the team worse that Nicholls State did its a flat out embarrassment. Which has been the status quo for the Rebs this season so expect something like 28-7.

One Demon to watch out for is running back Byron Lawrence. He has already racked up over 1000 yards this season.

Auburn Recap

I must apologize to my three readers for posting late. The "vote of confidence" released by Khayat put me in a bit of a funk. I just didn't expect him to say the worst season in Ole Miss history is progress. Anyway send your complaints to your favorite Canadian Auburn homer. (Who apparently is in Canada for the cheap meds and not to study Irishmen.)

The defense held Auburn to 17 points which is pretty good. In context though it's not as good because Auburn did what they wanted to and that was beat the Rebels with as little as they could get away with and not show Georgia or Alabama anything. They still cranked out over 400 yards and didn't press anything until after Schaeffer's interception when they wanted to put the game away. The offense didn't do anything of note.

I don't want to give out a game ball since if you only score three points no one really deserves it. But Shene's field goal was 51 yards and amounted to the Rebel's entire offense so he gets it.

Auburn did what they wanted to do. This wasn't even close to a moral victory. It was a beat down much worse than the score showed because Tubs wanted to keep it on the ground drive the clock and run the ball. Which they had no time doing. It was the quickest game I can ever remember. Game was over in about three hours and the first half took roughly an hour. It was amazing. They played keep away with the Ole Miss offense all night.

Not that it mattered because the Ole Miss offense was ill prepared. Seth Adams finished with less than a hundred yards passing. Team managed less than 200 yards in total offense. And got destroyed in time of possession.
The team has give up on Eddie. The Clarion Ledger beat writer said, "the feeling I get from the entire Ole Miss team is that they are farther from a breakthrough game then at any time over the past month. You're never going to get the players or coaches to say much about it, but I really do believe frustration is beginning to set in."

You also have three suspensions in the last month for players that has nothing to do with legal problems but with disrespecting the coach. Its obvious this team has given up and doesn't take the gar fisherman seriously. So expect a repeat of 2005 when the team gave up on him. Lets just hope Croom is classy enough to take a knee again this time in Starkville.

Thursday, November 1, 2007