Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekly Theme Music

This weeks music goes out to a computerly inclined droid I know that's taking the Bar exam next week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Looking Forward to the Falcon Debut of Joey Herrington now

I refuse to display any pictures of glorifying Vick showing him playing football. Instead I'm just posting pictures of cute puppies. Like the ones Vick and his cohorts killed because they weren't tough enough or to train their pit bulls.

Vick was indicted by a grand jury yesterday for conspiracy and actions across state lines to further illegal dog fighting. The good news is that he was indicted in Federal Court not State Court. Many people probably don't realize that its a whole lot harder to beat a federal case than a state case. This is in part because of the vast resources of the Federal Government but also because a federal jury will draw from an entire state as apposed to one small county. Therefore only those with the ability to take off and possibly drive long distances for longer trials show up for the jury. I'll let you make your own social economic conclusions but what happens is federal juries are a lot more likely to convict you.

Which is great because if Vick did these heinous actions I want to see him prosecuted to the absolute fullest allowed by law. This is one of the worst crimes someone can do because the animals are truly defenseless and undeserving. There is no way he should be even thinking about playing football at this point.

And Rodger Goodell should see to it. Seriously if Pacman get a full season suspension for making it rain, funding an illegal dog fighting ring for nearly a decade should get Vick a lifetime ban.

Ogerzook Rambles Off Incorrectly

Ogerzook was in Jackson last night to get the "I'm In" crowd stirred up in a frenzy.

Among his questionable statements such as that we will actually win games this year attempting to get his followers herding their sheep and taking control of the message boards was this complete false statement given to the media,

"He also believes Ole Miss is 'dominating the state of Mississippi' on the recruiting trail."

As I discussed in the signing day wrap up Croom has owned the Ogerzook in in state recruiting. Ogerzook has to do his best recruiting out of state because Croom kills him instate. The only thing that saves him is that Croom A) Can't get good out of State players and B) all Mississippi teams are loosing a lot of players to the big out of state schools these days.

But as Levar Burton would say, don't just take my word for it. Lets go a little closer into the numbers. 2006 Dandy Dozen. Ole Miss signed two players from the list. State got five. Ole Miss was able to equal this in 2005, clearly the Ogerzooks only solid recruiting year, with 5 and 1 extra that came from Juco. Croom only got two that year with 1 from Juco. 2004 list. Ogerzook signed one Dandy Dozen player. The NCAA has still yet to rule him eligable. Croom signed 5 that year. In this same three year period Croom has signed 41 players from Mississippi to the Ogerzooks 18. The average stars for Croom 2.9. For Ogerzook 3.1.

That little star difference over that great a discrepancy in the number of players shows the Croom is getting more good players out of Mississippi. Either way its clear that the Ogerzook is not dominating anyone at anything. At least not football related.

Sidenote. I'm curious to find out the attendance of the Rebel Reunion last night.

Hello... Lewis and Micah

One of the greatest youtube compliations ever.

A Jungan making out with a Cerean.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

Weekly Theme Music

Back to our Ranch tributes this weeks theme music goes out to an Ithorian dentist who always thinks the Rebels are going to win in football.