Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Weekly Theme Music

The Sports Wookie has traveled to Minnesota to see Marcus Johnson and the Vikes. So here's some Minnesotean and New Years inspired music.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Inspired Weekly Theme Music

I hope all three of my readers have a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well I Might Have To Change The Ogerzook's Nickname

After recruiting well but loosing a few games Ron Zook got fired at Florida. If you hadn't noticed Zook still recruits well, but now for Illinois. The Ogerzook recruits well but looses a lot of games. So after loosing 16 games in two years the Ogerzook gets an extention. I feel like we've slipped into one of those bizarro worlds where everything is backwards. Up is down. Black is white. Soccer is not gay.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rebel Quarterback Happenings

The Rebels gained a commitment from former University of Texas Longhorn quarterback Jevan Snead. Snead had pretty good numbers backing up Colt McCoy this year going 24 of 49 for 53% for 371 yards and 2 TD to 2 INTs. But even more reason to get excited is that Mr. Snead was an Army All American in 2005 to go with his four star rating and was a consensus top ten quarterback in the country that entertained offers from last years nation champion and one of the teams playing for this years national championship. His senior year he completed 60% of his passes for over 3,000 yards with 28 TDs to 9 INTs.

Snead will have to sit out the 2007 season due to NCAA transfer rules. Since he plans to enroll for next semester he will have a year and a half to prepare before he takes his first snap. The only downside to this is that if the team bombs out again in the 2007 season the "I'm In" crowd will clamour that Ogerzook should not be judged while Snead is sitting out the transfer period and thus Ogerzook should deserve to get a free pass for 2007.

In other potential quarterbacking news, current commit, and Army All American selection, Cannon Smith was arrested over the weekend for possession of ecstasy. At this point they are looking into whether or not to enhance the charges to a felony for intent to distribute. What we'll be interesting to follow out of this is whether or not Ogerzook follows the precedent he established by kicking Garry Pack of the team or if the sons of international shipping companies that have donated to create a new academic center will get special treatment.

In related news former defensive line coach and Subway Sandwich enthusiast Joe Cullen has been fined and suspended by the NFL for his actions earlier this year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

NFL helps you pick a team

The NFL has created a website to help you pick which playoff bandwagon to jump on to.

You simply answer five questions and you've become a sports bigamist.
Oddly enough the computer tried to turn me into a Buffalo Bills fan. Which would be great during the OJ Simpson or the Thurman Thomas days but I refuse to root for a team with Conference USA uniforms. (I also find it funny that they picked a team with a worse statistical chance to make the playoffs than my current team.)

Just compare those unis to the UTEP Miners.
I do have to say that the Jim Mora clips were a nice touch.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Special Award Show Musical Guest

Ladies and Gentlemen Sting and the Police

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Welcome To The First Annual Wookie On Sports Awards!

Now that the Rebel's 2006 season has come to an end and college football moving into award season us here at Wookie On Sports have decided to hand out our own hardware. So with no further ado please welcome our good friend and master of ceremonies, Mr. William December Williams, better known as Lando Calrissian!

"Thanks to everyone that could be here. We have some esteemed guests from all over the country who wanted to take part in this award ceremony. First and foremost we'd like to thank Mr. Michael Mann who helped create this award ceremony by providing this years main theme with his unique style of movies as the major award categories are named after his films. But before we can get started I have to introduce our lovely presenters, Ms. Leeann Tweeden and Ms. Lisa Guerrero."

The Thief Award recognizes the player who came up with the big turnovers and timely interceptions.

And the award goes to Senior Free Safety Charles Clark.

Clark lead the Rebels in interceptions during the 2006 season with two. The bigger of the two interceptions came against Vandy with time expiring in the end zone to save a victory over the Commadores. Clark also finished the season third on the squad for total tackles with 65.

The Manhunter Award goes to the sure tackler who always tracked down his man and came up with big play to lead the defense.

And the award goes to . . . Senior Middle Linebacker Patrick Willis. Willis lead the team in tackles by a 43 tackle margin as on his way to finishing the season with an astonishing 137 tackles. He additionally was credited with 7 pass break ups, two fumble recoveries, two forced fumbles, 3 sacks and 11 tackles for a loss.

The Keep Award goes to the freshman player you know is a keeper and will be a player for years to come.

This years Award goes to . . . Return Man Marshay Green.

Marshay individually kept us in the LSU game with his stellar returns and scored a thrilling and greatly needed touchdown to preserve the Mississippi State victory. I look for more great returns in the future and some exciting plays as his allusiveness gets incorporated in the offense.

The Last Of The Mohicans Award goes to the player that you just hate to see his eligibility expire.

And the award goes to . . . Senior Offensive Lineman Andrew "Hacksaw" Wicker. I hate to see him leave after only two years on the offensive line. And not just for the always easy wrestling jokes. The way he got better from the beginning of his first year after switching from defense to the end of that year and then from last season to this and might have been the Rebels best offensive lineman. The coaches constantly praised him as the best pulling lineman. If he improved this much in a year in a half it would have been interesting to see him take the benefit of a redshirt year like most lineman and what he could do with one more year to learn to play on the offensive side of the ball. (Of course this could easily go to Willis as well.)

The Heat Award goes to the player who went into the season with the most preasure and not only handled the preasure but excelled.

The Award goes to . . . true freshman kicker Joshua Shene. Shene came into the fall as a true freshman and won the starting placekicking job. He was rated as high as the second best kicker in the country coming out of highschool. He took the high preasure situations that kickers go throught and improved all season long. He had some struggles early on but kept working and finished the year hitting 14 of 17 field goals with a long of 52. He also connected on 20 out of 20 point afters.

The Insider Award goes to the Rebel defensive lineman who had a knack for getting inside and making a big play.

And the award goes to . . . Freshman Defensive End/Tackle Marcus Tillman. Marcus finished second on the team for tackles for a loss. (Willis was first) He started off strong getting two sacks in the first few games but after a injury depletion's to the tackle position he was forced inside where his numbers and effectiveness took a hit. He promises to be a very solid contributor in the future when he can spend the season at End.

The Ali Award goes to the greatest hitter on the Rebel team.

And the Award goes to . . . Senior Middle Linebacker Patrick Willis. I hate giving multiple awards to the same player but no one else could win this award. Obviously Patrick could walk away with every award but the The Keep. Willis delivered one highlight real hit after another this season on his way to the Butkus award.

The Collateral award goes to the player that you knew the Rebels could fall back on when they needed it most.

The Award goes to . . . junior running back Benjarvus "The Predator" GreenEllis. With the Rebel's passing game struggling as it did this year the only offensive the Rebels could muster was rushing the football. This often came against defenses creeping 8 and 9 men in the tackle box to stop the run since they knew the Rebels would not hit the plays in the passing game to keep them honest. Yet the Predator kept pounding always saving his best runs for the fourth quarter and finishing one yards shy of a thousand yard season. Credit also has to go to the offensive line for creating holes for him to run through.

The Miami Vice award goes to the player who made one unbelievable play and then the next series left you frustrated that he was not playing at that same level. Sort of a tantalizer who showed flashes of brilliance and the ability to take his play to an elite level but could not keep himself there.

The Award goes to . . . Freshman Defensive End Greg Hardy. Hardy made some of the best plays on defense this year for the Rebels getting in the back field for similar numbers to his freshman end tandem Tillman. He even gave the Rebels a huge spark on offense by stepping in at tightend and scoring the only offensive touchdown for the Rebels in the Eggbowl. Yet for every brilliant sack he would miss an assignment or break containment and let a running back or a reverse cut wide of him and get big yardage. However all you can think about is how good he could be if he ever put the total package together and he leaves you excited to see what he can do next year.

The William Wallace Award goes to the player who battled through injuries and kept playing strong all year like a warrior-poet.

And the award goes to . . . Sophmore Defensive Tackle Peria Jerry. Peria was set to be a feature on the Rebel defense at the start of the season. He injured more parts of your body than one can count, played at roughly 80% many games but refused to take the medical redshirt and kept on fighting. He played in eight games and collected 22 total tackles.

The Indiana Solo Award goes to the player that shows he's a natural born leader of the team.

This year's award goes to . . . Senior Middle Linebacker Patrick Willis. He lead the team not only in statstics but in intangibles on and off the field. Was a true leader for the Rebs this year.

The LJ Taylor Memorial Little Warrior Award goes to the Rebel player who came up big despite small statute. Dexter McCluster wins this years award narrowly beating Marshay. (By an inch in fact 5'9" to 5'10")

The Nikki Cox Biggest Bust Award goes to the player that came in with the biggest hype and had a disappointing season. And the award goes to. . . . Quarterback Brent Schaeffer. The Febuary five star recruiting gem was declared the started on signing day but managed play exactly like Michael Spurlock the year before. Of course the "I'm In" crowd ran Spurlock out of town but declare that Brent just needs a full spring practice. Brent finished the season with a mere 1442 yards passing at a 47% rate for 9 touchdowns to his 10 interceptions. (In 2005 Spurlock completed 53% of his passes for 1703 yards with 7 TD's to 9 ints. In fewer games.) In fact in 2006 the Rebels finished 112th in passing offense. Barely beating the service academies. Who all still run option offenses.

Brent has a strong arm and great mobility. Hopefully he can pull his natural abilities together next year and win The 2007 Indiana Solo Award.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Praises For The Sports Wookie

Due to these kind comments I've complied with the requests and started a blog.

Now if I can just learn how to format a blog.

"I think you should start a blog site." - unidentified T-shirt Engineer

"outstanding" - unidentified High Powered Jackson Attorney

"Keep up the Great Work . . Loved Everyone Of Them (Even When We Lost)" - unidentified Govenmental Employee

"Forward these to Kayat and Boone." - unidentified Nancy Surgeon

"The Word is spreading! It'll get read if people want to read it." - unidentified Lady Wookie

"The recaps have been entertaining except for the wrong team." - unidentified Pharmacologist

"You're a pretty good sports reporter. You should look into getting a regular column." - unidentified Southern Irish Historian

"But seriously, next season, you have to start a blog." - unidentified Atlanta Tax Attorney

"It is Golden." - unidentified South Eastern Asian Studies Proffessor

"I think you have found a side career. I honestly admit I look forward too, and read the whole thing." - unidentified Country Music Star

"Actually, very good recap all the way around. You've got a future in this." - unidentified Videographer

"Hail Hail Lord Helmet!" - unidentified Nashville Engineer

"[When asked] about the game after the weekends I just spit out your reports." - unidentified Governmental Assistant

"An option for those who are sick of getting sports news from the spinmasters. Those other sports writers are just a bunch of baloney! " - unidentified Memphis Area Mortgage Superhero

Now if I can just get my Sports Journalism hero Rick Cleveland to comment.
Even if its just to remove his picture.