Friday, October 31, 2008

Arkansas Recap

Its been a really busy week here defending the intergalactic smugglers and such so I'm apologizing in advance for basically mailing this recap in. Send your complaints to some dude in Canada.

Lot of good when you can go to an SEC away game and bring home a win regardless of the competition. Throw in how bad Arkansas's hillbilly fans hate the Fox and you knew the Rebels were getting the Hog's best game of the year. So a lot of good to go around.

Cordera Eason had a strong day running for 81 yards. A lot of the credit has to go to the offensive line though. They were blowing the Hog defenders three and four yards back by the forth quarter. It made the gains look shorter at first because it through you off where the line of scrimmage was. I loved the move to Bradley Sowell in for an unbalanced line. He looked good and was credited with six or more take down blocks. Sounds like a good new wrinkle for the offense. Burnell Mike Wallace finally stepped up and had his first big receiving day going for more than a hundred yards and his first touchdown.

As good a day as Eason had the award has to go to Peria Jerry. The reigning SEC lineman of the week absolutely dominated Arkansas's line. They couldn't stop him and had to resort to holding. He blew up running plays and disrupted passing plays.

The Rebel passing game struggled at times with wide open guys failing to get thrown to. The defense struggled against the option and that is just basic blown assignments. That's not getting beat by a better team. Can't let that continue or Auburn and LSU will eat it up.


The secondary is getting torched again and almost lost a nine point lead in under a minute and nearly blew a 20-7 lead with four minutes to go. It was probably their worst game as they were actually in position but got a case of the Yips. They would jump two strides to early or not a all. The ball would go through their hands. Its got to get fixed or it will cost us a game after you see non passing teams like Auburn or State suddenly look like Texas Tech.

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